Rumors~ Rumors and lots more rumors regarding the Twilight saga wrap party/ Kristen's bday pary!

Rumors, Rumors and A L O T more Rumors! So i know i am like 24 hrs L2P.. So last night was the Breaking Dawn ~ twilight Saga Wrap party ~ Kristen's Bday party?? First of all

Cirka Gorgon who plays Quil in the saga tweeted "Getting ready for the final wrap party :("

These are some pics of the place where the party was held via zimbio

General Views of the Executive Suites Hotel and Rockwell's Bar & Grill in Squamish, Canada. The pictures show the preparations for Kristen Stewart's 21st Birthday party and the 'Twilight Saga' wrap party held together at Rockwell's Bar & Grill inside the Executive Suites Hotel. As workers set up the party the parking lot was surrounded with on and off duty police officers checking everyone who tried to enter the property. 

Even a picture of Peter arriving to the place... 'At one point actor Peter Facinelli arrived in a white car and chatted with the security team.' 

For some reason people were saying that those girls you see on some of the pics ~ that Kristen was one of them~ Ummm i don't see how? But what ever.... 

There was also 'apparently' alot of drama while i was in my sleeping slumber~ lol 

This is via my girls on twitter who always know the 411 on things~ Apparently there was a lady tweeting that her 'man' was at the party where Rob and Kristen and the whole cast was, she 'claimed' to be texting back and forth to the boyfriend and asking for  a picture but the boyfriend declined. 

There was also a 'photo' taken and seen by some? Apparently someone posted it and took it down? I never saw it and from what i hear its still in the unknown, there is a description from the photo via CSI_Robsten now before you start asking if she saw it the answer is no, she took it from one of the comments of Ted's site~

These are the actual tweets regarding the party:

My man is at the Twilight wrap party all the cast is there!
My man talked to Rob and Kristen, as he is in charge of the front door and holds the guest list! I will keep posting updates & celeb spoting
@pattstew24 its hard to know as he has no idea who anyone is never seen the movies. but i know for sure all main cast members are there.
I have asked him to take photos… if i get it will post asap!! The party is huge!
@skuck669 he has been working on the set and now he is working at the party as like the bouncer
sorry everyone no photo’s as well my man needs to keep his job… im still pushing though…
all i can say about the location its in Squamish at a hotel
fjsjckskfkekksskd my neighbours are at the Wrap Party for Breaking Dawn, casually chillin with Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson. fml.
The BD cast had a major party last night in VanCity! Not only to celebrate Kristen’s b-day but also the wrap of the shooting!

Also  @pursuit23 also brings to the table that maybe there were two separate parties????? (sigh)

Funny with all the “details” that came out about Kristens B Day last night…from what I was told her B Day and wrap party not same event…
So what do you all think?? Yeah i know Rumors~ Rumors and lots more Rumors!!! Ill keep you posted if the status changes from rumors to facts~  Again I am so sorry for posting this so late but you know RL gets too much in the way now days:( Im sowy... ily

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