Robert Pattinson a Bestseller Fixture with Twilight and Elephants.

Seems like Pattinson has some sort of magic when it comes to movies adapted from books.

Just in time with today’s release of the film adaptation of the same name starring Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, USA Today reports that “Water for Elephants”, the book written by Sara Gruen, is #1 in this week’s top 150. This could be in part to Pattinson’s involvement in the role, or the last minute push by most who like to buy the book and read it before viewing the movie. Either way, Gruen is reaping in the benefits.

Pattinson plays the main character of Jacob, a veterinary student whose future plans change with the unexpected passing of both his parents, and begins life as a vet for a traveling circus.

As someone who has read “Water For Elephants” (as well as Twilight, and Harry Potter), and found the book engrossing and entertaining, I’m nervous to see his portrayal of the character and how closely it matches up with the book, and quite frankly if he can pull it off. Also interesting, will be the set up of the book’s structure for the movie. In the book, Gruen switches the narrator back and forth each chapter from present day 93 year old Jacob in his nursing home, to 1931 23 year old young Jacob. That device is what drew me into the book, and made the storyline so much more interesting. Even though Jacob is the same man in either time frame, the age difference makes him seem as two completely different characters. The sudden in and out of both eras helped me understand older Jacob’s character more and helped the flow of memories his character was reliving feel more realistic to me.

Hal Holbrook plays older Jacob in the film.

No matter what way you look at it, whether you hate him or love him, Pattinson is obviously doing something right for the authors of the books he helps skyrocket into Bestsellers, whether it be for his acting skills or his vampire “heartthrob” status.

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