*NEW* More Fan Pictures of Rob ~ WFE Premier

And like the gift that keeps on giving here are more fan pictures of Rob from the 'Water for Elephants' premier and today show. That's right this time our lovely Laury shares with us her story and pictures when she met Rob.





Water for Elephants Premier

Outside the today show

Her fan encounter~

I travel 2000 miles to see him, spent 15 hrs under the rain from 7pm till 9 am no sleep just a few breaks to dry off and get warm, got wristband #131 got really lucky and met amazing people that let me be a little bit more in the front to be able to take pics with him, the red carpet was just really brief after all that standing and suffering it was all worth it, then next day I had to be awake at 3 am to be able to be in line for The Today Show were I got to see him and enjoy him more I spoke to him, he took the famous picture and my picture from that event has made it around the world... even my local Newspaper... unfreakingbeliavable.

After all the cold, soaking rain, sleepless time and waiting... the reward was just AMAZING Rob is super sweet he was shy and charming on the Red Carpet and much more free and enjoying himself on The Today Show we exchange about frozen fingers and me shaking from the cold (it was him too but he didn't need to know that lmao)

Thank you Laury for sharing your beautiful pictures with us, I am so beyond happy for you that you met him finally!! It's gonna be me next time hehe. Love you hun:) *mwah*

She gave us the exclusive pics so please credit thank you:)

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