Happy Birthday Kristen ~ From the girls of Robsten Dreams

Happy 21st Birthday, KRISTEN JAYMES STEWART! 
(Amanda: In the Philippines, where I'm from ~ I would adress her...Maligayang Kaarawan, Ate Kristen!)

(Alma: From Mexico ~ Where i'm from it would be ~ Feliz Cumpleaños Kristen Stewart)

However and wherever we may be ~ Wether it may be in different countries, different languages, the meanings are all the same. We all just love her and wish her to have a happy and great day because it is her very special day. 

For her special day, we give honor to her by posting  just some things we adore about her...


She's really dedicated and passionate about her career in acting. And looking at the roles that she played, every role is pretty much different from the other one. It's really great that she can do that, shift into different kinds of roles, with that I think...she will really be that successful in her career. I mean she's already successful but even more successful. :) 

We don't only know her as Bella Swan. We as TRUE FANS ~Know there is more to Kristen than Bella Swan! We are not only her fans because of Twilight~ Yeah we may have started being her fan from that but we have come to know her and her career out side of Twilight~

Sarah Altman (Panic Room)..Kristen (Cold Creek Manor)...Melinda (Speak)...Maddy(Catch That Kid)...Lisa (Zathura)...Jessica (The Messengers)...Georgia (The Cake Eaters)...Tracy (Into The Wild)...Em (Adventureland)...Joan Jett (The Runaways)..Mallory(WTTR)..and many more! 
And most specially, we KNOW HER. 


She would rather prefer to be hidden beneath her hoodies and shades  than showing off her pretty face to the paps. 
She's unlike everybody else. 

And this only proves that she is a very humble girl. Why? 
For the reason that considering she's a very hot commodity in Hollywood, that many people would love to work with her and get her picture taken for magazines, but she's just there..not grabbing any other added attention. Not creating any other means to catch people's attention. 

She's just herself...her AWKWARD self. And we love her for that. It only goes to show that she's a normal person. Sometimes, she doesn't go by the rules. She does the unexpected. But those things make us LOVE HER MORE!  She's different than others. She's UNIQUE! 

And even Rob agrees on that "She's a unique girl...You really don't meet many people like Kristen."

We totally love HER FASHION SENSE

She dresses up, just like any other person. Very simple. 
I think, it's for the fact that she really doesn't want to add up  more attention to her. And of course, she wants to be comfortable and be a normal person.
I know for many of us Kristen became our inspiration when it comes to fashion.. Right? 

As for me, Yes. I've got loads of hoodies (check). HAHA. uhmm.. converse (check), jeans (duh? check HAHA) 
Her fashion sense is very laid back and simple. 

And most of all...she taught us, just to wear what's comfortable for us. She taught us to be FEARLESS on the way we dress. We need not to dress to impress other people. Just be ourselves in the way we dress and own our looks.
And through this, her style in fashion, we, fans, can relate to her. 


Can you imagine any other actress portraying the role, Bella and doing it with Robert Pattinson?
And I know, all would agree the you couldn't image the Saga without Kristen being Bella. 
(Again, I see you nodding...nodding...and nodding... HAHA) 

Last but not least....

 how can i leave this post about her without mentioning our favorite couple right?

I would personally like to say that i love Kristen because she loves Rob!!!

Plain and simple! I love her because she brings out the best in him,

i love her because she makes him SMILE the size of the sun when he's around her,

 I love her because she understands him and is his match made in heaven!

Yes i know cheesy but SO TRUE in so many levels. She makes him happy~ and  for that i love her with all my heart! 

and with out boring you guys this are just 'some' of the reasons why we love our KRISTEN STEWART~ Happy Birthay Kristen! WE love you and although you might not see this we just thought of sharing our love to you!!

Leaving you with am amazing Kristen Video made by fiorels~ Kristen Stewart ~ Fucking Perfect to me~ I adore this video and i think captures Kristen Stewart Perfectly~

some wallpapers from our karenxan so you can enjoy!!

Click to enlarge:)



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