Exclusive! Twitter Time with BDKreviews!

My own experience of tweeting  with bdkreviews!

I graciously asked his permission if it would be cool for him to do a blog post regarding the statements that he said. 
And he said: sure! no problem!

It all started when I tweeted him this: @ love your interview! :)) great job! and lucky you! :))

He tweeted back a simple Thank You to me.. 

I tried my luck again..hahaha. 
By tweeting this: @ you're certainly most welcome! :)) can I ask, what's it like to interview them? :))

And I'm not really expecting for a tweet back. And at this point, I'm not sure if he's going to tweet back to me because most people doesn't tweet back to you once they've replied to you on the first tweet.  So with that, I just carried on with what I'm doing then suddenly
a tweet appeared!

bdkreviews: @AmandaNicolette I was his first of the day and i walked in and he was chewing gum and said, I should probably spit this out...haha
bdkreviews: @AmandaNicolette he's just a normal dude who happens to be very talented and an amazing actor!

Then it seems like, that we're just tweeting..normally. HAHA

Me: @ what about reese witherspoon? what's it like to interview her? :))
bdkreviews: @AmandaNicolette i'm in love with her! she's always very talkative and very funny - she always makes you feel comfortable in the interview
Me: @ the fans would also love to ask..what's Christoph like on an interview? :))
bdkreviews: @AmandaNicolette he's very very very serious and very very very funny at the same time - I just love how open he can be - very nice guy

Wow. What an experience, conducting an interview via Twitter. :)) Haha. 
Super cool! 

Twitter Account: bdkreviews

If you haven't seen the interview yet, well here it is! :)

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