Twitter Time With Chris Weitz~March 9th Edition

Chris Weitz joins Twitter, people are excited.
Chris Weitz actually replies and tweets to fans, not once, not twice, and by now I've lost count.
The man is on clogging timelines (not complaining) and giving us joy by answering questions we've been dying to know! And his answers are fun, witty and genuinely humble. What more could we ask for?
 And when he leaves or gets stuck in Twitter jail we're stuck waiting for him to return.
 I thought Cathy was the chatty one?
So here is today's round of Q&A's from Chris's timeline (Rob/Kristen related)
He answers other questions too so you really need to just follow him @chrisweitz

athenia_22 @chrisweitz if you had to choose either rob or kristen to babysit your son who would you choose? hehe
Taylor (Oh Chris, lol)

AwesomeArianna @chrisweitz It's whateva wednesday right? Random: Did you guys use Virgin Airlines in NM as a crack towards E/B virginity? Please do tell!
Yes, the idea of using that airline amused me....

@dughtarefil: how did you motivate kristen for that pain full break-up scene in the forest?” --
I told her LeBron was leaving Cleveland

tucheer83 @chrisweitz Since I'm watching NewMoon I have 2 ask: Y didn't you have Edward steal the pics from Bella but decided to let them disappear?
Film narrative -- seeing him steal the pics would give away the game. But seeing them not there all at once would, to me, lessen the impact

BellaLuna1123 @chrisweitz Hey! I heard Kristen cooks all the time and really well...Did you try any of her infamous pies or meals?!? If so,was it delish?
She COOKS? That bitch...

@mvdsbRDTP: @chrisweitz in BD do you think edwards penis should sparkle?? ;)”
only if he is nude sunbathing

Ahymhee @chrisweitz just noticed on #newmoon, bella punching jabob hurt much while punching paul was nothing... same wolf but diff attack?
 Jacob's jaw was clenched with deep emotion.
 @chrisweitz Now here's the season's scene. Y didn't you let Edward take the pics like the book & chose to let them disappear off the wall?
Yeh. Nice to see it in the process of happening; her heart is still breaking.

jeihlynn0921 @chrisweitz i want to ask if in the future you still want to work with Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stew and also Taylor Lautner?
Turning irony off... Yes, yes. I like the all very much. Fond memories.

Not R/K related but funny and maybe a glimpse on if his tweeting marthon will coutinue...
he might just get Twitter overload!
Jeni_k07 @chrisweitz you're back!! How do you have time to tweet so much??
I don't. I have to cool it. Soon.
 I'm tweeting like a 13 year old juvenile delinquent cheerleader

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