Robsten sighting last night at Squamish

 This sighting is by we of course are only giving you all easy access to the squeegeeing:) Not going to post who via'd it because by the time im posting this every one has RTd it. Enjoy:)

(Alma) The next part is ubertly cute :)

By 11 pm security was trying to get every fan out of there. We paid our bill and finished our drinks. And who would appear but Rob & Kristen. Again, not a crazy amazing sighting to me, but it was interesting. Kristen was wearing a paper mustache. She was short and thin and surprisingly pretty. Rob was tall and dressed like a bum with a hood over his head, but he was joking around with someone and it was cute seeing him relaxed.

If you click on the link to her blog you will see she gives little more deets on her adventure on the comments~

Melissa: You saw Rob and Kristen as a couple or some pda and came together?
They are def a couple. They’re renting a house together. (GASPS)!!!
Martina: Hi, I have a couple questions. Was Kristen really wearing a moustache? And when is this exactly is it th same cast party that lainey gossip site was talking about? Thanks!:)

That was the day before I went. That’s why I went to that restaurant the following night because I wanted to see if they would be there again :)  (so this is true about the lainey gossip post) hmmm!!! 

Read the rest here

*How cute is Kristen with a mustache?? LOL I would have been PMSL had i been there*

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