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Bella : I wanna ask you something.

Edward : Anything.

Bella : I think marriage is the condition for you, to change me yourself, right?

Edward : Yes.

Bella : Okay, I wanna negotiate my own condition.

Edward  Anything you want it's yours.

Bella  Will you promise.

Edward : Yeah

Edward :

Bella  But you said that you wanted to have every human experience.

Edward  Not ones that will risk killing you.

Bella : You won't. And everyone says that once I'm changed all I'm gonna want is to slaughter the whole town.

Edward : That part doesn't last forever.

Bella : I want you while I'm still me. I still want you this way.

Edward : It's too dangerous.

Bella : Try. Just try. I'll go to some ridiculously expensive college and let you buy me a car. I'll marry you, just try.

Edward : Stop trying to take your clothes off.

Bella : You wanna do that part?

Edward : Not tonight

OMG this scene i can't even *Fans self*

My Favourite scene in Eclipse hehe

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