Rob's RUMORED New Role in 'Daredevil'??

Oh LOVE Comic Rob!!

Is Rob going to team up with David Slade again in 'Daredevil'? David was just named director and according to ComicBookMovie.Com Rob might be joining his 'Eclipse' director in this project!?! Check out what media outlets are saying about the RUMORS...

Apparently, there’s some “talk” that the Twilight actor is being looked at to reteam with David Slade on Daredevil, while new details on the tone and story have also emerged…
“The West Hollywood Resnorter” over at Moviehole has a very interesting piece up about David Slade’s planned Daredevil movie (said to be a continuation, rather than a reboot) but two things in particular caught my eye.. The first, is the revelation that the movie will be similar in tone to Batman Begins, while the mention of a bad guy trying to destroy Daredevil certaintly fits in with the rumor that they’re thinking of basing it on Frank Miller’s “Born Again” series.
Slade’s pitch, I’m told, is said to be a “close cousin” of some of the other superhero movies out there in the market place (I believe he’s referring to films like “Thor” and “Captain America” which are bright, boisterous blockbuster types that skip on the gloom and go straight to the boom!) – which shouldn’t surprise anyone. “It’s a bit Batman Begins. The bad guy will learn who Daredevil really is and tries to destroy him – but not via the usual methods.”
Second, was the mention of there being “talk” about Twilight’s Robert Pattinson being linked to the role. Seeing as he’s worked with Slade before and is rather popular with a certain demographic, it’s not hard to believe that he’d be considered (and there is something of a resemblence) but as we’re talking about the guy who directed 30 Days Of Night and a character like Matt Murdock, I don’t see it happenning!
And yes, with David Slade given the job, there’s “some kind of talk” about Robert Pattinson – who, with the “Twilight” series winding up, is going to be looking for a new well-paying gig – playing the part of Matt Murdock – – -which, I have to say, I don’t dislike the idea of.

WOW~ Will Rob jump into the Superhero role like his friend Andrew Garfield (starring in a Spiderman prequel)?  I personally would like to see him take on a superhero role and challenge himself, but I'm doubtful this will happen...we shall see...

ComicBookMovie.Com via TwiFans

MTV's take on the rumor...
Well, it was only a matter of time before this rumor started making the rounds online. And though it's almost certainly nothing more than that — a rumor — it seemed worth noting, if only to offer everyone a place to register their reactions to the idea.

Over at Moviehole, there's the inevitable mention of pairing of recently announced "Daredevil" sequel director David Slade with the high-profile star of his most recent film, "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" lead Robert Pattinson.
"With David Slade given the job, there’s 'some kind of talk' about Robert Pattinson – who, with the 'Twilight' series winding up, is going to be looking for a new well-paying gig – playing the part of Matt Murdock," reports the site.
The site goes on to indicate that any association of Pattinson with Slade's "Daredevil" movie is "just talk" at this point, but as with any news that includes a mention of the "Twilight" star's name, it's already making its way around the 'net.
At this point, it's highly unlikely that Pattinson would be interested in the role (though studios would probably love to have him in any film, given his following), but you can be sure that we'll ask him about the rumor during tomorrow's live Q&A with the "Water For Elephants" actor. Heck, it wouldn't be the first time Pattinson's name was dropped when filmmakers were looking to cast their comic book movie.
We can guess where you probably stand on the notion of casting Pattinson — or any "Twilight" actor, for that matter — as Marvel's man without fear, Matt Murdock, but go ahead and let us know anyways. It's more fun that way.

So NOW what do you think? I personally still think its unlikely but would love to see Rob as a superhero, many of you have commented on Rob's relationship with David Slade...I remember an interview with Rob talking about his relationship with David and it seemed a little strained but maybe its because David was intense and pushing Rob to do better? Either way I don't think this role will happen but only time will tell...

Gossip Cop pretty much puts the RUMORS to rest saying Rob's involvment in the project is a no go...
With the imminent arrival of Water for Elephants in theaters, there will be a spike in Robert Pattinson rumors (not that they ever really go away), and one that’s gained steam this week claims the actor could be up for the title role in an upcoming Daredevil reboot.

Ben Affleck starred as the blind superhero (and alter ego Matt Murdock) in a 2003 movie.
So what prompted these new rumors of Pattinson possibly taking over the part?
Well, his The Twilight Saga: Eclipse director David Slade was just announced as the director for the new Daredevil project. That development led many sites to speculate that Slade plans to recruit his former leading man as the hero.
It turns out, however, that there’s no truth to the buzz about Pattinson donning the tight red costume when the Daredevil character is reborn.
“Don’t know who dreams these stories up,” a source close to Pattinson tells Gossip Cop.
We’ll continue to have accurate casting reports about Pattinson as the rumor mill heats up.

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