Rob Takes Lead In Latest Hollywood Take Over On Hedge Funds (Cosmopolis)

With a little luck, next year’s Academy Awards will be dominated by movies featuring hedge funds in starring roles.

With “Arbitrage”—featuring Richard Gere as a hedge fund manager under seige—set to begin filming in April, the stars are lining up for Hollywood’s next take on the alternative investments industry. Director David Cronenberg has inked Robert Pattinson, teenage heartthrob and star of the “Twilight” movies, to play a young hedge fund manager who, during a Homerian journey across Manhattan to get a haircut, loses everything in “Cosmopolis.”

The film, based on a 2003 Don DeLillo novel of the same name, also features the actress Juliette Binoche as the wife of Pattinson’s Eric Packer, as well as Paul Giamatti and Mathieu Amalric. Binoche’s role had previously been rumored to be filled by the English actress Keira Knightly.

“Cosmopolis” will follow Pattinson-as-Packer through a 24-hour limousine ride across Manhattan. During the journey, interrupted by a Presidential motorcade, a funeral for a rap music star and a riot, Pattinson’s life and career unravel in the plush ride—featuring, in true Roman splendor, a Carrara marble-lined floor—as he loses everything on a currency bet, and does so with a nihilistic relish


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3 Responses to Rob Takes Lead In Latest Hollywood Take Over On Hedge Funds (Cosmopolis)

  1. Juliette plays his wife??????? I haven't read the book, but that seems like a pretty far stretch.

  2. I thought that Juliette is playing Eric's worldy, older lover. That fits. She's so lovely and talented, but also in her mid 40s. Similarly, the only issue that I have with WFE is that Resse is supposed to be 21. Sorry, not buying that. Isn't she in her mid or late 30s? Casting agents need to cast actors who are not only emotionally believable, but physically as well. Duh.

  3. For someone that the media dubs as a 'teen heart-throb' Rob sure does have a lot of very mature older respectable actresses playing his wives. i.e. Reese, the women from Bel Ami(sp?), and now this.

    I think that once Twilight is over, everyone is going to really have to start considering him an adult and real A-list star.

    As much as I'd love to see him in a western, I really hope that he passes on Unbound Captives. The story sounds really good and having him in a movie with Hugh would be amazing BUT the role is for a teenager and that would send him right back into the 'teen idol' persona.


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