Rob Encounter Friday Night Out in Squamish Sporting His WuTang Hoodie!!

This is the same gal that posted earlier about seeing Rob again. She met him a few weeks back!! Lucky Girl!! No Really how does that happen! Anyways, Do you see Rob is wearing a Wu-Tang Clan Sweatshirt!! OMG!! My husband owns the same one and yes we have been to a WuTang Concert. His looks rather new though ours well is a few years old to say the least!! LOL!! If you want a shirt like this go here to buy!! Oh how I love hobo Rob!! Thanks to the fan for sharing!! 
Met Robert Pattinson again last night and saw Kristen Stewart while we were having dinner. Didn’t get a chance to talk to her, but talked briefly to Rob and he was SO nice. :)

They were in a group together.. I don’t really want to say the restaurant because I do respect their privacy but it was in Squamish. We were sitting beside them for about 4 hours or so and let them be as I’m sure they are sick of being harassed. Then as we were leaving we bumped into him on our way out and he allowed a picture to be taken with him. He was incredibly nice and down to earth.

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