R and K spotted having a Couples night at the movie + Fan Pic with Kristen

So apparently, our favorite couple may just have actually been out to theater last night, (tuesday evening)  and to watch non other than, Red Riding Hood!!! I am speechless. 

Not cool about this one >_<
Got a pic with Kristin Stewart from @twilight. I swear it was by coincidence!
Look at all this girls and peekaboo Kristen ..
How adorable is this, first i was hopeful of the sighting, then lots of sightings started showing up, then the pic. Alot of people are saying maybe Rob is taking the pic, but i don't think so. It is however funny to picture Rob standing around while a whole bunch of little boys are asking to take a pic with his girl friend. If more pics come up ill be sure to update the post. Happy RK dreaming my loves ~alma

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Fan pic thanks to@clintonshard

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