On The Road’ In Good Hands With Walter Salles Directing

On The Road is a novel adapted from his diary by Jack Kerouac. It is the story of two men escaping the city to travel across the United States, from New York to California and a lot of places in-between. Kerouac adapted it into the On The Road novel, with Sal Paradise created as his alter ego. For Walter Salles, the film shouldn’t be a problem, after he directed the story of Che Guevara and his friend, Alberto Granado, travelling across South America in The Motorcycle Diaries.

Walter Salles and The Motorcycle Diaries

For many fans of Jack Kerouac and the On The Road book, a proven track record and prior experience on a similar film would be the least expected for a director hired to create a film version. It seems that Francis Ford Coppola, who bought the rights to the book in 1979, has chosen the right man in Walter Salles, as there are a lot of similarities between On The Road and The Motorcycle Diaries, and Salles did an excellent job with the latter.

The two motorcyclists travelled high into the Andes, and Salles did an excellent job in capturing the beauty, majesty and cold isolation of the great mountain range. Salles also captured the humanity of the main character well, as Che learnt about humanity and society; switching between emotions of awe, humour, sadness and awakening

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