New Commenting System for Robsten Dreams Blog

Hey guys!! As you probably have noticed today... we've implemented Disqus commenting system back again.

Why you ask?? Well mainly we feel like its alot easier to comment and to reply to comments as replies to your comments. If that made any sense? lol


Mainly i feel that we are a fairly visited blog with around 10K visits a day but no comments. We want to hear from you!! We want to know your thoughts on whats being posted.

This is your place to gossip like those two and just have a good time!! So how about it we give it a try?

I like that you can add an avatar to your Disqus profile. You can edit your user name, and get email notifications when someone replies to your comment. And also, my new favorite thing is that you can add media to your comments. For example a picture you dont see posted on the blog you can just click on theattacment icon and upload your pic. Is that great or what? 

Mr. Pattinson seems to like the idea:) Will you play?
So you see, I think it will be a good semi-change for the blog and our comunity, because i know you guys are out there. YOu can intereact with fellow Robsten shippers as well as Rob and Kristen fans:-)

We do ask that you play nice and are respectful to both Rob and Kristen! This is a Robsten Blog and we believe they are together now! If you dont agree thats fine you are still welcomed here, but please dont dissrespect them or us by saying hateful things about Rob or Kristen!! 

So things to do today

Sign up and make up your profile HERE

Add your profile picture and you are set to go!! You can now comment on Robsten Dreams Blog!!! 

I want to see alot of comments by tomorrow ok? If you dont then i will be sad. Comments is what makes us smile everyday and lets us know you are enjoying the blog as much as we are. If we  dont hear feed back from you its like we are just 5 girls (crazy girls at that) talking to ourselves about how much we love and enjoy Robsten and Robten Dreams!!


Ok and like Ms Stew said "Im gonna get out of here" Please comment on this post and on future ones!!! I love you guys ~alma

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