MTV Questions for Rob...

Here are the top five questions that were asked today (3/16) to MTV for the interview that Josh Horowitz will have with Rob on your question there? Be sure to send your questions to @MTVNews with the hashtag #AskRob
And tune into MTV for "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" at 8:56 p.m. ET on Friday, March 18, or watch the stream live at

Some of these questions are kinda lame or silly so if you see something not on the list nows your chance to get your's answered!!
Wednesday's Questions...
@HoboHope @mtvnews what type of things did rob and tai (the elephant) do in between breaks to bond? #AskRob
@locopeople1 @MTVNews #AskRob He dances pretty well in Water for Elephants. How long did it take him to master these skills? Was it easy for him?
@travelinm @mtvnews #askrob You and Kristen went to see Red Riding Hood this week, what did you think of it?
@guinglala @mtvnews #askrob if he is aware of jumping rob meme just like strutting leo
@PamelaPPI Dear @mtvnews #askrob if he has bieberfever

And if you missed here are the other questions they've already posted for Rob...

Tuesday's Questions
@mpersonalheroin @mtvnews #AskRob does he has read Don DeLillo Cosmopolis the novel before Cronenbreg offered him the role
@RobertP143 @mtvnews #askrob if he was nervous the first time he acted with Christoph Waltz
@jessi123love @joshuahorowitz #askrob if he would have the courage to host the mtvmovieawards someday.:-)
@DrVivibuff @MTVNews @joshuahorowitz #AskRob Did you watch the twilight auto-tune from the Oscars? Any thoughts???
@kelleechol @mtvnews #askrob Hey, Rob. What's your all-time favorite chick flick that you'll own up to?

Monday's Questions...
@kika_RP @mtvnews What was Robert's reaction when he learned he would play a Jacob in the movie water for elephants?
@jennpattz @mtvnews #AskRob how is your music been going. have you written anything new?
@CSI_Robsten @joshuahorowitz @mtvnews #AskRob to describe his typical day off
@jessi123love @joshuahorowitz #askrob if he would ever consider doing a comedy movie?
@ChudyGirl @mtvnews #AskRob Daniel Radcliffe took the glasses when HP wrapped. What would Rob want to keep from BD set when finished filming?

Source MTV

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