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Hi Chris thanks for the previous tweet. Have you ever seen mourn Rob (not acting)? Why?
Nope, he seems like a happy sort of individual.
Do directors/actors have much say about their attendance on promo trips? sometimes u c directors, sometimes not, same w/ actors
Sometimes there participation is contractual; in general it is considered good professional conduct and a good idea.
Did anything surprise you about working on a Twilight film?
The sheer devotion and enthusiasm of the fans, and in general how positive and supportive they are.
Rob’s talked recently ab quitting acting if he’s not doing roles he would like to see, understandably. Do you see him as a long term actor? Do you see him continually growing in the craft? Do you automatically get a sense of which actors you work with will turn on as ‘greats’? Do you think someone can learn to be a great or is it innate?
Well. He has every right to do what he likes. He has a lot of innate talent. There is however a strange compulsion for people to want to see stars get “bigger” and “bigger”, which generally means more famous not necessarily more happy. I would rather be happy than famous — And I think any sane person would agree. Can I see “greatness” in a young actor? Sometimes. Jose Julian from A Better Life could be great. Takes tremendous effort and commitment.
whics couple you prefer? rob and kris or tay and kris? PLEASE, JOKES NOT! hahaha 
No joke? It’s none of my business!
Hi from Rome! my fav scene from the book is the conversation between E/B before the vote scene, why it isn’t in the movie?
Because I wanted to make people angry. No, because it is a lot of TALK TALK which is not always good for movie pacing.

athenia_22 @chrisweitz Kristen once said she cried really hard in her car right before filming the breakup scene? did you know and how did you react?

@chrisweitz Yup, I did know that. It was a tough night's filming.

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