More Chris Weitz Tweets More on Rob Kristen, deleted NM scenes and more 3/6/2011 Part II

@ Hi Chris! R & K said they ad-libbed a line in New Moon. I think it was in car scene after Bella's b-day. What is the line?
Chris Weitz
Bellla saying I love you to Edward. Then the studio got me to replace it, then R and K talked me back into it.
@AngelAtTwilight: @chrisweitz We know the scene was filmed, we saw stills of it. Just wondering where did it go and why it wasn't in an outtake at least?
Chris Weitz
Yes -- very difficult shot. Tilt-focus. (look it up!) Basically, it was cut for narrative smoothness. I don't control the DVD extras! :(
@ OH MY GOSH! cant believe i havent asked you this. What happened to the RKT commentary on NM??? not that u werent exciting....
Chris Weitz
They were veeeeeeery tired, long press tour. I hadn't gone out as late the night before recording...

Dr. Viviana Morales @chrisweitz SO in every Twilight movie the thing that everyone has got wrong is that they really can't fight Edward.. if you follow the book he is always able to hear what their next move is gonna be so they never get near him.. but in the 3 movies theres a fight with edward and people almost killing him... were u aawere of that stuff while filming and just changed it cause it works better that way for the movies?

Chris Weitz
Yes. "action sequences" for the boys.
@ Ok, you've talked about how dreamy Rob is...What about Kristen? Is she just as gorgeous in real life as the
Chris Weitz
More so, because she is not all dolled up. Note to Mercedes: (my wife) you are beautiful, I love you!
@ Okay. No lying. Who's better looking up close. Rob or Taylor?
Chris Weitz
On the molecular level they are almost identical. Love the avatar.
@ Does it haunt u when peeps pick up on things like Edward's eyes being the wrong colour in Voltura or can u let it go and move on
Chris Weitz
I think of Mandela's 21 years in jail and move on
@ won't respond to my Rob, Morrissey & James Dean question :( ~heaven knows I'm miserable now~
Chris Weitz
What unites them is a quiff. Never met Mr.Dean. met Mr. Morrissey and ADORE him.
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