Kristen Stewart 'Excels Beyond Description'~New WTTR Review

It's a little late but whenever there is a good review, especially for Kristen, it's always good to share.
I think it's important to point out the person that wrote the review doesn't realize who Kristen is.
Are there really people that haven't seen or heard of Twilight?
Well anyway, great review for our Kristen.
Well deserved since WTTR was amazing!

CultureFeast: Here is a tiny little film that barely earned $320,000 in total box-office receipts world-wide and screened only in 11 movie theaters when it was released. It’s one of those films that was tossed straight into the home-video bin.

But my god… what quality, what super writing, directing, and acting are tucked away in this miniscule corner of the movie world! The quality of this adult drama is nothing less than astounding.
First off, let’s praise the world-class acting muscle brought in by James Gandolfini (Doug Riley) of the SOPRANOS fame. That TV-series has seared itself permanently into my brain cells and will live with me as long as I’m around. And the number one reason why I loved that show so much was Gandolfini. The number one reason why I was mesmerized with the RILEYS is again JG. Bless you, sir.
But Melissa Leo as Doug’s depressed wife Lois and Kristen Stewart as a teenage hooker also excel beyond description. Why I haven’t heard the names of these amazing actors before; I have no idea. But I’m sure we’ll hear about them frequently in the future, especially Stewart given the fact that she is still so young and in the early years of her career. May it be a long one. I think she’ll fill in the shoes of Marcia Gay Harden nicely. Stewart is another Natalie Portman or Michelle Williams in the making.
Read the entire wonderful article at Culture Feast
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