Kristen is officially playing the main lead in Snow White and the Huntsman, starting this August. The official confirmation came from @Palakspatel who is the films Scriptwriter & Co-producer per RKDaily 

The film will start shooting in London, Germany and Scotland in August of this year!!!  Can this week get any more exciting?? I am very happy she choose to accept this role as it will be another big franchise movie, and the fact that the director of the movie wanted Kristen specifically really shows what an impact of an actress she has given Hollywood:)

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9 Responses to Kristen Stewart CONFIRMED for SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN

  1. Yippeee! Hollywood insiders know what a huge fan support Kristen has. Can't wait.

  2. omg super excited for her!! :)

  3. This is the best news all week and shooting in Scotland, Germany and England too. How exciting! Can't imagine any other actress more suited to be Snow White than Kristen!

  4. horrayyyyyyyyyyyy horrrrayyyyyyyyyyy This is the best news ever! Kristen as snow white will be so great.

    and oh i see hater alert. Dear hater on the top i think this is a Robsten Blog! In my opinion is for the people that love both Rob and Kristen

    Please @Robstendreams correct me if im wrong. This is such a great place and drama free. I would hate to see this kind of comments about Kristen on here. I agree with anon @1:01 please delete those comments

    BTW i love this blog and its content.

    :- Marissa

  5. Hater comments have been deleted. This is a Rob & Kristen site. We support and love them both and do not tolerate hate of either one of them. Thanks!! ~Casey

  6. oh and also would like to add...WOOHOO!!! Kristen is going to be one BADASS Snow White!!

  7. Uu London with Rob;) ;D just saying! love them!

  8. Oops. Sorry. I musta've given the wrong impression when I said "Hollywood insiders know what a huge fan support Kristen has". I just wanted to mention that regardless of a few haters, us fans will always support Kristen. I love Kstew!!

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