Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed talk "Breaking Dawn"

Jackson from a latest interview from Lite Rock 99.3 shares some "Breaking Dawn" updates,

It’s been a fun shoot so far. We’re about halfway through the process . . . It was a lovely time being in Baton Rouge,”

I think each film just keeps getting better and better, you know, with the different slate of directors we’ve had, and now we have the amazing Bill Condon, and he’s been a dream to work with. So, I think this is going to be the best one,” he said. “There’s some very exciting moments in the film that Melissa Rosenberg our amazing screenwriter and Bill Condon, our wonderful director, kind of put together to kind of showcase the highlights of this film and to bring the book to life.”

He also shared that he's been doing his own stunts on set even with a broken rib! More here.

While Nikki talked about Breaking Dawn at the UK Style by French Connection Event with ReelzChannel, and shares,

We’ve been working really, really hard, and we’re working long hours,” she said. “I happen to be in this last installment quite a bit . . . and I’m tired but it’s nice to be together again.”Plus, at the Twilight Convention yesterday, Nikki shared a few further details with Twilight Lexicon live-tweeting them as follows:

They are almost totally done with filming Breaking Dawn.

She says Taylor is really sexy in the scene where he hits her in the head with a dog bowl.

She cut her hand in one scene and she had to wear the only gloves she had to cover the cut. They are zebra print.

She's having a good time with this film. Says she didn't know they would use Rose as much as they did for this film.

She hinted that she and Kellan get to make out FINALLY in this fim.

She describes the way Rose and Bella bond in BD as being very intimate. She and Kristen are also bonding from that.

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