~~~ It's Poll Time!!!!! ~~~

Hey shippers!! Just wanted to make some polls today to get your input on some things..... Ya ready???? Okay here we go...

First Poll: You know me, i always want to change the blog look around and guess what i want to change again but i want your input first...

PollPub.com VoteShould we change the blog look again?

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If so what color??

PollPub.com Votewhat color?
Go back to white
Pink again

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it's ok if you don't know what color but if you do.. please leave me a comment:)

OKay Anniversary Poll: I was thinking. We have around 3 more polls still to go. I was thinking of going up on each contest one prize so that the winner of the later ones would get 3,4 or 5 items in the following contests. But i was thinking, would you want it to be 3 winners of one item each or one winner of 3 items? Hmmm ill let you guys decide on that....

PollPub.com Vote
Yes: 3 winners of 1 item
No: Leave as is, 1 winner of 3 items

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I also wanted to know how you guys are liking Disqus... Our commenting system..

PollPub.com VoteHow are you liking Disqus
I love it
I like it
Its ok
Hate it, go back to regular coment section

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I know i have seen some more comments from you guys in the past few weeks but i just want to make sure you guys are OK with it? Give me some feed back... Is there anything you would like to see around here? Please don't hesitate to let me now on the comment section... Remember this blog is meant for you to feel like at home. Be comfortable enough to interact with other followers and such...

Ok im gonna stop talking and try to get some sleep. I will probably post the next contest tonight after i see the results of the poll. Take care my shippers:) Love you ~alma

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