Hollywoodnews.com and Their Assumptions!

I thought this article was interesting. I pulled it from metrowny.com. It is right on!
Hollywoodnews.com has just reported that snow has stopped filming of Breaking Dawn in Vancouver, and that has forced Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to take a break. What's the real story?

Unfortunately for Hollywoodnews.com this story just can't be true. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the rest of the cast might be taking a break from filming Breaking Dawn, but if they are it isn't because of snow.

According to the The Weather Channel and Weather.com, The last time Vancouver and the surrounding areas had any real snow fall was on this past Saturday, February the 26th, and it wasn't a lot. The next day it was 40 degrees out, which would have melted any snow that would have fell the day before.

For the last three days the tempature hasn't fallen below 35 degrees and today it was 50. If Breaking Dawn has taken a break from filming it certainly has nothing to do with snow. Even if it has snowed only where they are filming the movie, which is laughable, the amount is insignificant because it hasn't been recorded by any weather service and therefore would be unlikely to have shut down filming.

Why Hollywoodnews.com would write such a story knowing that anyone with a computer and an internet connection can check recent, current and future weather anywhere in the world is just perplexing. If they were referring to some earlier date, previous to this past Saturday, they would have to be talking about snow fall that occurred over a week and half ago. If that's the case then Hollywoodnews.com is reporting ridiculously old news.

At any rate, Rob and Kristen are not taking a break from filming Breaking Dawn, at least not because of snow.
Written by Jenny Rich of www.metrowny.com

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