Happy 1 Year Anniversary to us Robsten Dreams

Hello my loves,

Today we turn one year old. Whooo hoooooo!!! *jumps up and down*

Yes a year ago me (alma) and Tania aka Robstenshipper decided it was time to start our own Robsten Blog to show the love for our beloved couple.

Now a year later, some of my girls have come and gone but we still stay strong. I'd like to give a special shout out to all my girls, Ruby, Tania, Ankita, Casey, Rosa, and Amanda for keeping the blog alive with your constant work every day. Thank you girls for being here for me.
 Also in this past year we have tried our best to make this a nice and drama free blog and id like to think that it still has kept that. It has been a year of hard work, of sleepless nights and of course those amazing happy Robsten Days, that make us wanna squeee and giggle, and yeah even jump up and down of excitement. 

I want to thank you!! Yes you our reader, if it wasn't for you and of course Robsten we will not be here!! I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make us smile each and everyday with your cute and sweet comments. We want to say thank you for joining us for this amazing Robsten ride, that i hope it lasts forever!! Their love has brought all of us together. Thank you!!:) 

And last but not least. Did you really think wed celebrate without doing some giveaways to you? Our awesome followers... So for the next few weeks we will be doing random giveaways throughout the week, so make sure you are on the look out.  Wish us a happy Birthday and let the fun begin:)
who's gonna blow our candle??
Our lovely anniversary banner is made by our amazing Karenxan follow her and on tumblr too!

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6 Responses to Happy 1 Year Anniversary to us Robsten Dreams

  1. I say it already by twitter. You have the best blog. I love you. Thank you for your amazing blog.

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  3. fadfasdfadfasdfasdf

  4. HI Baby, I can comment :D but there is still the option to comment anonymus. :/

    1. That's where the approving button comes handy :) but we need to figure out how to do that :(


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