Flashback – @TwiloveSue Shares Her “Eclipse” Press Panel Experience with TwiBite

The most anticipated panel of the Eclipse convention was the Big Three: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. I suppose it’s not a big secret that I have a majorly inappropriate crush on Robert Pattinson. I don’t know just what it is about this young Brit that gets my blood into such a boil, but I’ve learned to just accept it.

First off, let me tell you that Rob is inhumanly beautiful in person. I’m not just saying this because I’m hopelessly infatuated, which is a given, but because he really is. From the moment he stepped through the door directly in front of me until the moment he left the stage, I was utterly captivated.
I would also like take this opportunity to brag about my impressive multitasking abilities. Not only did I ogle Rob as I hung on to his every word, but I also took a bazillion pictures while on the phone with 17foreverlisa the entire time. All she could probably hear was the audience screaming and my continuous commentary of “ohmygod,ohmygod,ohmygod,” but she still stuck with me like a trooper.

You could tell that Rob, Kristen and Taylor were extremely tired after coming straight to the convention from the Eclipse press junket. They literally spent the entire day inside of a hotel room doing a new interview every couple of minutes. The audience questions were not difficult and were ones they had no doubt been asked many times before, but they were so past that point of utter exhaustion that even the simplest questions seemed challenging. Many answers started with the three of them whispering off-mic to decide who should answer the question, laughing, then Rob saying, “Uhhhhhhhhh……..” into the microphone and then they would all laugh again.

They seemed to genuinely enjoy being together and easily teased and bantered with each other. My first impression was that Rob was in kind of a goofy mood and humbled by the love in the room, Kristen was uncomfortable with all the attention, but very earnest and endearing, and Taylor was extremely likeable and well spoken.

Rob gave many of his usual odd answers, but the noise in the auditorium combined with his accent (to DIE for, by the way), sometimes made it hard to figure out what he was talking about. Kristen didn’t answer many questions, but it was very entertaining to watch her expressions as she reacted to whatever Rob or Taylor were saying.

Rob was asked what his favorite trait about Edward was and he was totally at a loss to come up with something. Someone yelled, “Just sing!” so he sang “my favorite traits about Edward…” in a silly falsetto voice.

When asked his favorite movie, Rob answered The Runaways to tease Kristen and then a few seconds later added “and Shark Boy and Lava Girl.” Kristen flipped him off and joked back that hers was Remember Me.
Taylor told about the spandex suit he wore while filming the wolf scenes and they laughed at how it made him look like a Teletubbie. Later, Rob referred to Taylor as Tinky Winky

Some of Rob’s other unusual revelations were that if there is ever a movie made about his life, he would like his son to play him and that he helped choose the baggy “kung fu” pants he wore in the Eclipse battle scene. He seemed very proud of those pants.

When they were answering a question about filming Breaking Dawn, Rob asked Taylor, “Don’t you sleep with a baby in it?” and Taylor responded, “Don’t you sleep with her in it?” (pointing at Kristen). Rob’s random answer to that was, “I just like babies, so anything to do with a baby…”

Taylor said the tent scene was his favorite scene to film in Eclipse because it was so tense and Rob just couldn’t stop laughing the whole time Taylor was talking because tense sounds like tents. Taylor joked about how awkward it was to have Rob grab his breast and then have to tell him, “I’m hotter than you” and Rob teased about how Taylor’s nipples got so hard so quickly that they had to reshoot the scene. They were hilarious.

They ended the panel by telling what the most important thing they learned from being in Twilight and Rob’s answer was very touching. He said something about how seeing all of us there gave him hope that there are still people in the world who desperately want to keep real romance alive (I believe he mentioned me by name at this point, but I’m not positive).

Next thing I knew, it was over and I suddenly saw Rob walking towards me. I did a little mental panic, tried to take a picture but the camera wouldn’t hold still, then just gave up and smiled idiotically and clapped as he walked by. This is the best picture I could come up with under the circumstances.

A very good friend tells me there’s magic in the number 17, so I leave you with this lovely 17th picture (source unknown) to make up for your disappointment with the last one.
When I agreed to see Twilight on opening weekend basically just to appease my daughter, I never imagined that I would someday find myself sitting in an auditorium with the movie’s actors or ever using the phrase “breathe the air of the precious.” It really has been a fun few years and, for the record, Twifixx and I are in complete agreement that the air in the auditorium that night was much sweeter than regular air.
TwiloveSue XOXO

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