Daily Dose of Chris Weitz ~ Talks Rob Kristen and New Moon

So i haven't done a recap of his tweets in a couple of days... so this may be old to you?? I'm so sorry:( Anyways here's him talking about Rob, Kristen and some New Moon References :) You now to follow the man @ChrisWeitz

kstewartloove @chrisweitz SAY SOMETHING ABOUT KRISTEN "the queen!" STEWART lol!!! she's so beautiful, right ? i think she's the definition of perfection
Certainly... Please don't hurt me ;) (Hmmmm wonder to who he was referring to not hurting him

smurfy_tapz @chrisweitz Rob and Kristen always mentioned about you being the most compassionate person they met and they're right!
 ~So true
CcPrincess20 @chrisweitz would you go to Robs WFE premiere next month IF theres actually one here in LA?! That would be so cool if u attended
 I keep checking the mailbox... (awwww, i hope he gets invited)

Small_4: You watched the Rob on Jay Leno last night? Please answer!”
no, I didn't. How was it?

blisswithin @chrisweitz my BFF & I have a ? Can KS cry or not??? Tho the perfect Bella, no matter what movie she's in she never is seen actually crying
Well. You can always cry using artificial means. I think more to the point is that crying is overused in film; it's hi-fructose corn syrup.

KStewsOzBird @chrisweitz -if you know, could u please tell me what @siamusic song Kristen was listening to on repeat while filming NM in Italy? PLEASE RT
It was a rough demo of Friday by Rebecca Black. (Bwahahahahaahah)

tamzpcl @chrisweitz ~in the nm book edward stint w/volturi is much different.y does he get beat up n the movie??
I like to see Rob getting pushed around (LOL)
mydarlingromeo @chrisweitz So, are you not satisfied with how New Moon turned out? 
Wah? No,   my point is that I don't want to retweet praise of me, not that I wasn't satisfied with NM.

tamzpcl @chrisweitz ~y would u wanna make edward look pansy? he's sposed to be indestructable. same thing was done eclipse wit victoria n riley! 
Meh, Tammy, disagree, he's not indestructible to the Volturi. And the film needed some kinetic action.

Rebecaroa @chrisweitz I'll see if I can capture their attention with this -----> http://twitpic.com/4bd3g8
Am zing how much better he looks after we did the cgi, right?

SkylarLSpencer @chrisweitz Can you caption this Rob Pattinson pic? 

CW Caption:  This f'in elephant gets NO f'in water
taarawilleatyou @chrisweitz Since you're famous and all, do you get stalkers and such people? ^ ^
Well, I'm not really famous. Only when in the blast radius of KS, Rob, Taylor.

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