Chris Weitz Tweets some more about Rob and Kristen

@ Very important question that EVERYONE always asks: Is Kristen really short or is she 5'6 like listed on imdb???
Chris Weitz
Weirdly, she is 6'6" -- have to position her far from camera. Nah, she's about 5'5", I reckon.
Chris Weitz

Oh. I rather liked Rob's nipples in that scene.

@ You still in contact with the cast of the Twilight Saga? Please answer! Please!
Chris Weitz
Yes, in my mind. In fact, yes, many of them, they are kool
@ You need to do a film with Grant, Firth, Holt and Pattinson pls. Set in the UK!
Chris Weitz
I like this. Hmm. Could it have zombies? And monkeys?
@ is robert pattinson really as hot in real person ?
Chris Weitz
He's actually physically repugnant. It's something about the camera. Weird.
@ did you ever touch Rob's hair?
Chris Weitz
Did I ever NOT touch his hair? He told me to stop but I wouldn't. Why do you think I didn't direct Eclipse?
@ Fact: Rob said he loves hobnobs so those are better automatically ;)
Chris Weitz
Rob and I will talk.

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