Chris Weitz Tweets of the Day~Kristen Swearing & Will He See WFE?

Another Day~Another Tweet Fest from the lovable Chris Weitz
He discusses Kristen's New Moon scenes,
the restraining order on him from Rob,
and answers how often Kristen swears...with an algebra equation, lol.

Bella Possibility Scene, one of the saddest of the saga, watch it and see what Chris has to say about it...


The Orange/Gold Pants!!
Oh and Wyck...duuuude! How could you not want to work with these awesome people?

 Um...awkward! I couldn't talk to Chris about vampire orgasms, lol! I love his response,
and actually Twilight Poison answered this question saying "SM said the venom is the life force of the vampire. Much like blood." (And most vampire stories use this theory) Interesting...

Let's take a look at Rob's beard shall we...yes not only is he cool with his beard but DAMN sexy!!

I've never been good at math, but I'm guessing KS=Swearing Machine

I totally remember the BTS of New Moon and poor Kristen talking about how she was sick.
And of course, during the tent scene in Eclipse she had the flu.
This girl is a professional!!

LOL, Chris is SO funny!
If ever you have a chance, check out their hilarious Japan interviews!

We shall see...we shall see...

And stay tuned, Chris will be back, he always comes back!
And if you aren't already follow him NOW! He is too funny!

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