Chris Weitz More About Rob :)


What were your first thoughts when you met Rob for the first time!

I could take ‘im

Why is Edward volvo in new moon black and not silver like in twilight and the book? Thank you:)

Oh this one is definitely making the FAQ file. Volvo gave marketing money to the film. At least it wasn’t poop brown, which is what they wanted. I could go on about how it’s dark tone foreshadowed the breakup and gloom, but I’d by fibbing

robert pattinson has blue or green eyes?

Would you like to know what guys are like? I FORGET!

The first thing that comes to your mind when they mention ROBERT Pattinson..


Chocolate…please explain. You just linked some sexy meat to a sexy food and we want to know why… I’m thinking things.

Nah, I just like chocolate

Coincedence, or planned that Rob has a line in Water For Elephants that includes “A Better Life”?

Had to pay him $1 mil

I loved New Moon. WHY did you decide to shoot the Virgin plane like that? Product placement?

a) yes, b) amused me

What were your first thoughts when you met Rob for the first time!

Here’s the thing. I’m thinking about working with the guy. So I’m basically just looking for the crazy, and relieved when it’s not there.

LET’S PLAY SCREW, MARRY,KILL..Catherine Hardwicke,Kstew and Robert pattinson!!! Who would you screw marry or kill? AND GO!

Let’s not. let’s not fantasize about killing someone.

Why did Robert Pattisnon (edward) have black dots on his body when you were filming the volterra scene

These are locator dots to map the cgi sparkle effect onto his face; had to be digitally “painted out” later

Why there isn´t vision of Edward in the scene of Bella&Jake sitting in the car-the worst moment in the book!

Because it just made Edward seem like a stalker. Like “it’s ok, kiss her, don’t mind me, I’m just here being awesome”.

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