Another Pic of Rob on Tuesday Night at the Movies Beanie Rob!!

Some more details/tweets....from @ambernkay
Is sick of people making up stuff about last night. we asked nicely for a photo and they said yes.

This town is filled with vampires and werewolves!

...of course they were nice to us! great people for sure

(Reason Rob was on the phone)...his driver phoned him to tell him he was there to get himself and kristen.

...she (Kristen) was right behind him taking a photo with my friend

(More pics? What was Kristen wearing?)
no i don't. i met previous cast members last night, but was not allowed to have photos with them since i was working.

no i don't, my friend doesn't either. it was cold and raining so she was pretty wrapped up.

yes, there's a blurry one of just rob and my friend. videos, but they're on a phone, and i'm not bugging her for it.

no, i think she was in vans. ahaha.

err, not quite sure. i think the black ones she wears in the movies. whatever ones. haha, she was comfy. all i could tell.


Video from E News

Thanks so much to Amber for sharing...lucky fan is lucky!!!!

Pic thanks to: @ambernkay

Video by Spunk_Ransom

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