Angela Sarafyan Felt Welcomed by Rob, Kristen & Twilight Cast

Need a refresher on this Breaking Dawn Vamp?? Angela plays Tia, of the Egyptian Coven. Her mate is Benjamin played by Rami Malek. She compares their love to Cleopatra and Marc Antony because they were mates before they were changed and every decision they make is together, their love withstands throughout all time. So what did she have to say about her Breaking Dawn cast??

It’s been welcoming,” she says of being a newcomer. "They’ve been very, very nice. Everybody from the cast past and the new members that are coming in. It’s been truly like a family and I’ve had a lovely time with them."

"I don’t ever go into work thinking that I’ll be defined by a certain character for the rest of my life. I don’t know if Kristen and Rob will be forever recognized for that, though I’m sure they will continue to be [those characters] for a lot of people."
Read the rest of the article in Scene Louisiana Entertainment Magazine

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