WFE Official Premier date is April 17th 2011 in NYC!!!

WFEfilm is awesome, i love them because they always manage to get some exclusive news directly from the WFE Director himself. Just a few minutes ago they asked him the following...
@Hibbits Is the date set for the #WFE USA premier?
to which he answered the following.... 

then they asked the following......

@Hibbits Is the premier location Los Angeles, CA?
to which he answered..... 

...... awesome right?? Its getting pretty close now, only 3 months? well closer to 2 because we are about to be on the 17th of this month.. Pretty soon we will see Rob again in a suit next to his leading lady Reese, (Or Kristen??)))) LOL I kid but lets hope she does go with him... What do you think?? Who is excited to see this movie??? Raise your hands!!!

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2 Responses to WFE Official Premier date is April 17th 2011 in NYC!!!

  1. yay this is awesome, too bad i cant go but looking forward to seeing Rob in a tux soon, hopefully at the baftas.

  2. AHHH!!! Please Kristen attend it too. I will die... Thank you, thank you, and thank you for having it in NYC!


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