Hollywood Industry, definitely have a great part in shaping the generation’s fashion trends. Just like what happened back in 2008.
The year, 2008, marked the start of an era for all the fans of the book, The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. It was in that year that, Twilight, the first book off the series, is going to be released in movie theaters. Fans all over the world were stoked to finally see the movie adaptation after years and months of waiting.
And once it hit theaters, Twilight definitely became a certified blockbuster.
But that’s not it. It was not only about breaking and creating records. It was also about setting the fashion trend for the year.
From plaid to fitted shirts, long sleeves to v-necks, hoodies to motorcycle jackets and fan’s statement they’ve got it all covered.

In the movie, the female lead Bella Swan portrayed by Kristen Stewart, wore a lot of plaid shirts, jackets and hoodies. While her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen, portrayed by Robert Pattinson, wore tight fitted shirts, long sleeves and some hoodies.
Whoa. This movie can really transform these basic clothes into stylish looking ones.
No wonder that after the movie was released, everywhere we look, these things were being purchased by lots of people. And remember, not only in the United States, but also here in the Philippines. Brands like Bench, Penshoppe, Wrangler Jeans and BNY, catered to the Filipino Twilighters and buyers, to dress up like their favorite vampires.
Bench and Penshoppe, had these tight fitted shirts for boys, and it was really the same style that Edward Cullen wore on the movie. Remember the midnight blue shirt he wore when he went to Bella’s room, when they were going to have their first kiss…they have it over their stores. They also created a line of plaid shirts like the ones Bella used in the movie. There are many shirts to choose from, with different colors and different styles. 
In 2009, the second installment of the series is released, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and with that fashion experts were eager to see what the movie has to offer in the fashion industry.
And, really, it didn’t disappoint them. Plaid shirts made a comeback; the use of these shirts can be seen all throughout the movie. Motorcycle jackets, were even present.
Wrangler Jeans launched a line in 2009, inspired by The Twilight Saga: New Moon. And it was called “Call of the Wild”. It really showed that it was pretty much inspired by the movie, having different styles of motorcycle jackets and plaid shirts, almost similar to the clothes that can be seen in the movie. And with the Bella and Edward get-up on the runway, who would question that? They really did a great job in this line.
BNY, also catered to Teen girls, so that they can have access to the Bella “look-a-like” clothing. So many plaid shirts were out in the market that year, that where ever I look, a bunch of girls were wearing them. They also created a line of motorcycle jackets and hoodies. They want to make girls feel like they can be Bella, in their own simple way and by wearing those tops.In 2009, the second installment of the series is released, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and with that fashion experts were eager to see what the movie has to offer in the fashion industry.

The third installment, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, didn’t make a difference. The fashion hype even got bigger and better. Love for plaid shirts, hoodies, and the “Edward Cullen” shirts, were pretty much all around us. Constant production of those items, are done by the different brands that we have. It’s really great to see that your favorite movie inspires fashion and everything else under the sun.
And even, the actors and actresses in this movie franchise wore plaid shirts, hoodies, and tight fitted shirts in their everyday living. It seems like they’ve carried out their fashion sense in the movie to reality. They really became a fan of those items. It’s like, every time we get to see them, out and about in U.S. to London to Vancouver to Baton Rouge, they’re constantly wearing those items, especially the plaid shirts.
And not just them, but a lot of Hollywood artists, became a fan of those too. Even the fans and non-fans…
But, die-hard fans of the series came up with their unique way of showing and saying their love for the series through fashion. They came up with different statement shirts. Some shirts, we’re saying “I LOVE TWILIGHT”, “I FREAKIN’ LOVE EDWARD CULLEN”, “TEAM EDWARD” & “TEAM JACOB”. Some shirts were even printed with graphics, like the whole coven of the Cullens, the wolf pack and even the Volturi. Fans were really dedicated to the book and to the movie, that they reached these measures in showing their love and support.
Thus, I can say that Hollywood does have a great influence to people, especially the things related to fashion. It influenced them to the extent that they translate the clothes and accessories used in the movie into their own style. And which is a good thing, because through the clothes and style that each person has, we get to have a glimpse of their personality. We get to see a part of who they are.
And I’m glad that The Twilight Saga, made that possible.

Hope you like my article! :) ~mandalovesrobsten

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