Sticky Post: So How Are You All Liking the Changes............

Hey Loves, We  wanted to make this post because we wanted to get your feed back on what you think of the new changes that we've been doing.... 

First of all how do you like the new Blog layout along with the new Blog banner?? You can let us know in the comment section:) 

If you didn't notice by now we are now officially  a " .com" and you will no longer have to enter "" when coming to Robsten Dreams, We are very excited about this and I hope you are too!!  If you are having problems accessing our page through ".com", then please let us know in the comment section. We want to make sure everyone is able to access the page the way it is set up to be.  

You can now access us on your mobile phone, the address is the same it will re-direct you to the blog! The mobile phone access should be formatting to your mobile phone to view the postings as we update!!  We know the colors are no where near the same as the Blog's website but for now that all we can do! You do have the choice to go to the web page so do that if you don't like the mobile version!!

Also we wanted to say a big thank you for getting us to #26 on Top Twilight Blogs and #6 on Twilight Poison Blogs!! You guys are amazing and we can not say enough how thankful we are! Thank you again... You can click here and here to keep voting for us and continue getting us to the top!:)  

Also, look for the space on the blog that looks like this 
Click on the follow button and you can follow our blog!:) 
Help us get past 500 Blog Followers:) 

Since we are on the followers topic follow us on twitter here 
(click on the image) 
and also on facebook here 
And last but not least we wanted to say Thanks so much for coming to support us everyday!! Your opinions matter to us and we love to bring you the latest Robsten news every day!! If you have ANY suggestions please dont hesitate to leave us a comment below or simply email us at  Love you ~ Robsten Dreams Staff!!:) 

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11 Responses to Sticky Post: So How Are You All Liking the Changes............

  1. cool im glad for you guys! I love the new colors, it reminds me of the original Robsten dreams and i voted for you! I already follow you on the blog, twitter and facebook so couldn't do those but congratulations you are my favorite robsten blog i come here everyday!

  2. Oh I hadn't noticed the url change, cool.
    Loved the changes so far, especially the colors that's now make even more easier the reading of longer texts.
    This actual banner it's my favorite, very beautiful.
    Also liked the translate button directly from the website; believe me, it makes things easier. LOL
    Congrats, it's amazing! =)

  3. Hi anonymous, it would make me very happy if you would tell me your name? You can become a member of Robsten dreams by following the blog with your google, yahoo or twitter account:) That makes it alot easier to post coments on our posts! Thank you so much for the feed back it really helps out alot and like always thank you for visiting our blog:) you guys make me smile every time i hear from you:) take care~~ alma

  4. Daylyne - hi love, yes we got it switched a week ago!! Im glad the banner is your fav (is mine too) thats why i thought i needed to change the layout and colors of it too!!:) Im also glad the translator widget is helping you out where are you from? Like i told anonymous it makes me very happy to hear from you guys!:) take care ~~ alma

  5. awesome! congratulations. i received your email and i didn't get at first. i just noticed it now. lol. cool.

  6. Hi there! I'm from Brazil.
    I don't always comment, but surely visit Robsten Dreams everyday! Much love in that place. <3

  7. Well happy to have you here:) Try commenting more often:) We don't bite:) LOL we leave that job to our Edward:)

  8. congratulations girls:)

  9. Hi, guys! I think I just became your "500th" follower! :-) I love love your site ... a day doesn't go by that I don't check in! Thanks for all the hard work and dedication (I particulary look forward to the video of the day. Thanks! again)! I really like the new look (nice job!); although, I will be honest and say that I miss the Rio/Honeymoon banner ... it just always made me smile.

    Anyway, THANKS AGAIN for all your hard work ... & for sharing your obvious love for our special couple!!!!

  10. P.S. I had not noticed the .com!!! Congrats!!!!! (I now know why its taking my computer a little longer to log on ... LOL!)


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