Robsten in Israeli Magazine "Maariv Lanoar" February 2011


for the new movie in the "Twilight" Series or a desire to stay in shape? Turns out Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's new hobby is riding on their bikes, while Robert is leading the way and Kristen is behind him. Perfect relationship. A source who has seen the two riding, claims: "I see Robert and Kristen riding on their bikes around the park almost every day." They like parks? Someone, please tell the about the Yarkon Park!

Thank you @Nurchuck for sending the scans in and the translation:) 

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3 Responses to Robsten in Israeli Magazine "Maariv Lanoar" February 2011

  1. yeah they go to parks on a bike and no one recognize.lame.

  2. It's like a game of telephone. Notice how the story has changed. The original story said they always ride around the parking lot and the guy saw them at the stoplight with Rob in front of the car and Kristen behind. Now, this story claims a park. This is funny stuff. Next, someone will change the story to they always ride their bikes to work in the morning (lol).


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