Rob's UK Acting Resume

Interesting facts:

Rob can do all of the following accents: American-California, American-Southern States, Belfast, Black Country, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Dublin, East European, Edinburgh, Essex, French, Geordie, German, Northern, RP, and South African!

Sports: Skilled at bowling, darts, football, pool, running, skiing, snowboarding, swimming and wind surfing.

source via spunk_ransom

Once and for all, his eye colour - blue green

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4 Responses to Rob's UK Acting Resume

  1. Ok, how old is this? It says his 'playing age' is 16 to 20. uh, no. I don't think he can pull off a 16yr old anymore, and he's been doing roles for much older than 20.
    WFE he's supposed to be 24 aqnd cosmopolios he's 28.

  2. Tyler Roth, not Hawkins? Script change? Do actors even have resumes like this? Seems fake---not to mention out of date or inaccurate.

  3. I can tell you first hand that Rob eyes are a blue/grey. I've seen them upclose. I'm not sure how valid this list is, but I love all the dialects it says he can speak and the windsurfing threw me for a loop.

  4. haha this is probably a fake but then again actors always lie on their resumes.


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