Robert Pattinson mentioned during TwiCon San Francisco


Twilight Lexicon was tweeting info from the TwiCon. Boo boo Stewart and Jodelle Ferland both mentioned Rob. The Boo boo one made me chuckle because of the Eclipse commentary. ;)

Booboo has finally gotten to hang out with Rpatz on Breaking Dawn and says he’s a really cool guy
When asked Team Edward or Jacob Jodelle says no fair half of you will be mad at me. But says she’s team edward

via Spunk Ransom via Robsessed

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2 Responses to Robert Pattinson mentioned during TwiCon San Francisco

  1. I really want to see the interaction of Rob and Booboo in BD!! Its very sweet:)

  2. What i want to know is why is that girl there? Isn't she done with twilight???


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