Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Where are they?? I miss him and her!! i miss THEM!!!

Reposting because i miss them today more then ever:( Let me know what you think:))

Gahhhhhhhhhhhh can it get any more boring around here ( the blog) or on twitter? I am literally dying from no RK sightings, no new pics, NOTHING!!! Its been what? a  whole MONTH since we've seen our lovely Kristen?? 

I miss her... 

i miss her face....
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 her smile.... 

her laugh....

 Gahhh so adorable *double sigh*  This will make any one smile!! Am i wrong>?

her hands through that hair
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her awkwardness yet cuteness on stage *sigh* 
“Duuuuude”   via: movetheearth
So you got my point!! I miss her:(  and Rob.. oh Rob!! its been a while since we've seen you too!! What almost a month?? Since the Golden Globes?? Wait no, we caught a glimpse of you two weeks ago at the Breaking Dawn set but THAT'S IT!!!

I miss HIM... 

I miss his face....

his LAUGH....

his facial expressions... 

his... hmmm what do we call this?? 



This is what I love about him!

Love you Rob!!!

 He is just to damn cute!!
lol only you adorkable Rob!!

LOL even his coughs at the golden globes. (hehe) I wonder if he is OK?? I hope he is!! We seriously need something!! I'm not going to lie, while i miss seeing either Rob or Kristen..

Yes i miss seeing THEM together, yes Robsten, Kpattz, RK, how ever and what ever your favorite name is to call THEM together!!

Because it is THEM together... *sigh*

amooo !!!
tão lindoss
Perfect couple!!

I miss their smiles....

their laughs...


their.....  (im looking at you but they don't know) looks..
(haha Robsten you guys are not that good at hiding your love!!!)

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I miss their careful yet hidden caresses....
@RobstenDreams here you go. Thanks so much for the link and the first gif to giantasspandas
YES!!! We see you Kristen:) haha
Thanks Tama0026

Rob?? Dont stop you keep her calm!! We clearly see that:)

gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh im getting depressed!! No i am depressed!!!  I'm serious, its so bad that i hardly check online anymore... WHy??  because i somehow know that there is NO news.... I get text alerts on my phone.... LATELY there is one text every 5 minutes.. ONE!!!! that sucks, when Robsten are caught out and about, this blog and twitter are on fire!! text after text, sometimes i have to shut off my phone!  Yeah i know ill shut up for now... 

I guess you know what i mean? I miss them!!

Just them RK, Robsten, Kpattz or what ever!! They are the same!!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart aka Robsten!!!:) ~alma

Thank you to my lovelies Tama and 
luvstewpattz/ for the help and feed back!! Love you girsl!!

My very first post!~ Be nice to me:)

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