Rob on the cover of Vanity Fair

Cropped for better view:)

Holy cheeze Neeps. Rob in a white shirt NOMMMMM NOMMM!!! Rob holding an alligator on the cover of VF!!! Call 911 i die i die!!!

So what do you all think of the VF Cover?? Be honest!! There's alot of mixed reviews. 

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4 Responses to Rob on the cover of Vanity Fair

  1. He looks Smokin , Lovin those hips !!

  2. He has had a lot of wonderful covers and lord knows he is good looking but this is the worst photo spread I have ever seen of him based on the leaked shots and this cover.

  3. I planned to buy this issue of Vanity Fair, but after seeing this cover I do not think I will. Bad photo, bad hat, bad cover.

  4. I usually read Vanity Fair when I go to the library as I don't subscribe, but as for Rob...I think it's an interesting more thoughtful take paying homage to Louisiana. We have to remember Rob is maturing, and there will be life after the Twilight thing is all over. That's the vibe I get from this cover..


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