Rob and Kristen Spotted last night at a grocery store!!!

Morning loves, i know many of you follow us on twitter @RobstenDreams and some of you dont. Well for those of you that dont have a twitter for some reason, I told myself (well the ppl that dont know they were spotted need to know right? So this is for you... Love me right? lol jk 

Hmmm wonder who the vampire dude is?? LOL BTW who is MJ?? Am i that out of the loop on that?

 What he saw they were getting:)

More tweets about the Rob and Kristen sighting and he explains MJ...

What i wanted to explain here is that he was out at a grocery store getting ICE for the party and he saw KRISTEN STEWART AND ROBERT PATTINSON AT THE GROCERY STORE!! NOT THE PARTY!!! SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION:) LOL  But out side of that, how freaking cute is it? The guys said it was after midnight when he was at the store, he also said 'it looked like they just woke up'

This tweet was about 17 hours ago.... Maybe he was with Kristen? You be the judge!!!! Hopefully we'll see more of Kristen i still miss her:(
I will keep you updated should anything else comes up!! Hope you have a great Sunday!! 

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3 Responses to Rob and Kristen Spotted last night at a grocery store!!!

  1. what does ventura blvd wtf?

  2. They were not at a party. They were spotted at a grocery store when the dude had to buy cups and ice for a nearby party.

  3. Nice sighting. I know that grocery store well. They looked like they just woke up, mind in the gutter.


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