Rob and Kristen shopping at an American Vintage Store

Hey loves, alma here:) Im sorry i havent been on all day today:( I worked all night last night so i slept pretty much all morning. hehe anyways im back at work and well its been such a slow day apparently. So im posting this little something that @RPattzTillDeath sent me, i dont know how reliable this is or if the store is just name dropping Rob and Kristen for publicity, which is the case 99.99% if the time.

Anyway... Take it with a grain of salt. If not skip to the next post which is oh so yummy!!! Can't wait untill we see the New Vanity Fair... Im sure it will be lots of UNFESS!! Especially this set of pics..... Robert Pattinson - VF BTS 2011 

Can we say NOM NOM NOM?!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see more of those pics here

Source| via by babes @RPattzTillDeath

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  1. that doesn't make any sense since kristen was at LAX on sunday


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