Old/New Pictures of Rob and Kristen with Tom and friends

Apparently these are from 2010!! Rob was doing the Remember Me premier and press Junket in New York!! He's wearing that same white shirt he wore for all those press junket interviews.

During the time when Rob, Kristen, and their friends were in NYC for the 'Remember Me' Premiere
With Stephanie Ritz and Grace Clissold, Rob and Tom's UK agent.
Rob, Kristen and Tom arrived in NYC Feb27th and the 3 all left March 2nd, Kristen flew home to LA, the besties back to London (Rob to resume Bel Ami filming)
NYgrubstreet "While most of Hollywood's elite are gearing up for the Oscars, many stars were still out and about in New York. Twilight's hottest couple ditched their shy reps and made big news by getting cozy at Tribeca's Locanda Verde."

Peoplemag AT A FEBRUARY DINNER in New York City, Robert Pattinson, 24, and Kristen Stewart, 20-or Robsten, as they have come to be known-joined a group of friends at the Italian eatery Locanda Verde, a casual hot spot in Tribeca. "Nobody could take their eyes off them," says one witness. "A few waiters had to stand in front of the couple and act as human shields. When Beyoncé and Jay-Z were sitting there, people didn't make such a fuss!" But the makeshift wall couldn't hide the fact that "they were a really happy couple," says the onlooker, noting the duo were "sitting very close to each other and whispering. They seemed to be having a good time together.

article via Robsessed 

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13 Responses to Old/New Pictures of Rob and Kristen with Tom and friends

  1. omfgggggggggggg this are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Oh my this are so adorable, thank you for posting!!! i've never seen this either.

  4. Isnt that his London agent and Stephanie his American agent with them.

  5. They look like they were having a great time. These pics are adorable. Thanks for posting.

    @Devious Dee-Yep, that is his London Agent, I think her name is Grace and Stephanie.

  6. Omg, these are just adorable. They look so comfortable.
    They all look really tired, too, like they just wanna crash on a hotel bed. Lol!!!

    I'm glad to see that Kristen was spending time with him. :)

    And seriously, after these pictures, and the picture of Rob and Kristen with Rob's parents in their house in England, I am convinced that there are many other pictures of them that we have no idea about.

  7. I think these pictures are so cute. They look drunk, but happy and very together.

  8. Robsten are happy inlove, look at how Kristen is leaning on Rob. That is clearly flirting. And they are drunk? Nice... I hope we get some more of this private pics. Welll might as well put out the whole making out pics. haha i bet thers some!

  9. If Kristen leaning on Rob is "clearly flirting", then she's also flirting with Tom & Steph & Grace. And Tom & Steph are clearly a couple based on these photos.

  10. luv luv luv these pics. a big THANKS for posting. they look so sweet and adorable together. great bonding time with their closest friends. i can't wait to see new Robsten videos with these pics.

  11. they look so cute! love they all had fun, and surely have anytime fun together.. love that all rob's friends like kristen too :) aparently they are more pics where it's more obvious and "interesting", i know it's bad but i hope we will have them soon, i miss them to much :)


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