My Article: Rob and Kristen: Truly

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

For many of you, those two names, when spoken or even mentioned, will catch your undivided attention under any time, place or circumstance. If you’re reading this, and that’s not the case…then why are you here? I want to discuss the dynamics and aspects of Rob and Kristen’s relationship that most of us have been watching for the past two and a half years. If you have been a fan of them over this past time period, and have not recognized some kind of crazy, electrical and spiritual bond between these two…then you might want to check your pulse because anybody with common sense at this point would simply say the truth.
Yes, there is still such a thing as common sense. And people that have it should use it. Some people just don’t use it unfortunately, or they choose not to use it. But I don’t want to begin by broaching that subject.

I want to begin by discussing The Real.

Yeah, the real. It’s real, people. I’m going to say it flat out—Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s off-screen romance is real and has been for at least the past year and a half, probably going on two now. Nobody really knows exactly when it became official, of course not. It’s not like they announced it or anything. Considering the type of person that Rob is, and the type of person that Kristen is (they are pretty much the same type, except Kristen is a little more on edge, which is completely understandable), and the kind of situation they were thrown into…it kind of fits right in that they wouldn’t flaunt it to the world. Why?

Because they’re real. That’s why. And they don’t need attention. Just because they are absolutely perfect to play the roles of two undeniable, unforgettable, and truly universal and phenomenal characters that have touched the hearts of millions and have changed the world, does not mean that there is not a story within a story. As cliche as it may seem, it’s completely and utterly possible.

Rob and Kristen sparked the moment they locked eyes. That’s just the word for it. It’s that undeniable and fatal attraction. It’s not acting. Acting is not pretend all the time and that’s what makes it acting. Edward and Bella needed that spark though, in order to come alive. And Rob and Kristen had that. But it wasn’t just for Edward and Bella.

I have this theory that haters are so determined to stand their ground, that they’re blinded. And also, you see all the other Hollywood couples. As I was growing up, I was convinced that relationships just have no mercy in Hollywood whatsoever, no matter what. In all the regular Hollywood relationships, they make a show of kissing in public, flaunting their diamonds and purposely slipping personal details to the media.

That’s not respect. They evidently have no respect for themselves in that area, unfortunately, and they are just reveling in the attention. Once that high is gone, they crumple. My theory is that the “haters” keep that knowledge and have it set in their mind and set in stone in such a way, that nothing can tear down the wall, because of their ignorance or even jealousy, except maybe tons and tons of repeated reasoning. They are just blinded on all sides and it’s kind of sad. They manipulate and twist everything around to make it into something that they want to believe and they definitely don’t want to believe that Rob and Kristen are truly in love.

Now, back to Rob and Kristen. I have never seen two people in Hollywood so real or so true to themselves. Robert Redford is like them and so is Taylor Swift, come to think of it. But what’s intriguing about Rob and Kristen is that they are so magnetically drawn to each other, it’s as obvious as the rising sun. I always found it kind of ironic that their story is so real, considering the fate of their characters. Push aside the fact that they are in Hollywood, push aside the fact that they’re movie stars, and push aside the haters for a second.

Think about this: If Rob and Kristen didn’t find each other the way they did, if they weren’t actors and Twilight didn’t exist, would they find each other some other way?

Some will answer yes, because they truly are soulmates and it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that they are Edward and Bella. I agree with that because it’s pretty wide open at this point that God intended them to be together. But then again, Edward and Bella are their guardian angels in a sense. Both aspects are pretty strong. I guess it also depends on whether or not you believe in soulmates.

I think they still would have found each other in another way, to be quite honest. But this whole Twilight phenomenon is the way it was supposed to happen. That’s the way it is and we have two love stories running because of it.

I could list out a million things that hint Rob and Kristen are a couple, but I don’t want to do that because then I’d be explaining myself, and I like to do that when I think utmost necessary.

During the filming of Twilight, I knew—we knew—that something was really there, those of us who were looking close enough. The way they would maneuver together and how they would react to each other. There was a twinkle in their eyes and that twinkle never died. I hung on, because I wanted to see what would happen next.
It just kept growing. The flirty pictures never stopped. The fan videos began. The blogs were created. We saw something, and it wasn’t going away that easily.

Those flirty pictures eventually turned into kissing pictures and when they were on camera, it was impossible to hide. Body language simply is the most effective form of expression, any artist or anyone with a form of an intelligent membrane will tell you that. Especially during the New Moon era, it was becoming distinct. Then the traveling began. They would go out of their way to be together, despite distance or time. Name a few?

1.Isle of Wight (New Years) 

2.Budapest (Kristen’s Birthday and she went to see him.) 

3.Rob’s Roadtrip w/Britpack to New Orleans to see Kstew 

4.Montreal (Inevitably, there were kissing pictures) 

5.Isle of Wight (second round for New Years) 

Obviously, you don’t travel across the country and across the world and stay a few days or weeks just for a friend. And may I remind you, these occurrences didn’t happen only once. I just named five. That should do it.

And then there’s the mysterious shirt-sharing that still has not stopped, which I refuse to get into because I already gave you enough reason.

Rob and Kristen (we may refer to them as Robsten now) clearly are together. They have been spoken of in such a way like: “It’s-obvious-they’re-together-so-why-not-talk-like-it” sort of way. I can name three right off the bat that have talked about them that way: Twilight Saga producer, Wyck Godfrey, Eclipse Director, David Slade, and Britpack-member/friend of LizPattz/English recording artist, Lee MacDougall.

Rob and Kristen refuse to tell the world they’re together, and they refuse to hide it. They are set that their relationship is none of the world’s business and they are also set that they should not be ashamed of being together. It’s obvious at this point that the reason they are always spotted together is because they want to be together.

As our dear Kristen said one day…

“You don’t need to give reasons for the things you do—you just have to do what you want. And sometimes the thing that seems messed up to everyone else is what’s right for you. You have to do it and not be ashamed of it.”

She couldn’t be any more right.

I do not think that Rob and Kristen jumped into a relationship right away. That obviously wasn’t the case. I think they held back due to circumstances and reasons of their situation, yet they still knew. And holding back does not last long. Rob and Kristen are both extremely intelligent and intellectual people. They’re modest and they don’t flaunt what they have, they respect it. They’re both beautiful, too, inside and out. They have a strong background and they know how to hold themselves up, and naturally, they lean on each other.

And what Kristen and Rob have…is love. It’s really true. It can’t be faked, after all that has happened. The haters that hate on their love hate on it because their spirit is impure and because of something that has gone wrong in their own lives. The love that comes from Robsten really emanates. It’s as strong as the love they portray on screen. And it never dies off screen. See? That seems completely cliche, right? No, but for those of us, we know better. Cliches are not always cliches.

People throw rocks at things that shine.

And Robsten, they truly shine.


Posted by: Rosalinda

Of course, haters can argue with everything that is laid out here.
But they'd be arguing with the truth.
And the truth is more important than fact or opinion.
I hope you enjoyed my article.
And I thank you if you actually made it all the way to this sentence.
You rock.

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12 Responses to My Article: Rob and Kristen: Truly

  1. Amen ... & thanks for sharing! I love this site!!!

  2. Wonderful post Big fan of both Rob & Kristen Hope they are having a great time filming in Vancouver and are happy and healthy

  3. Thanks for writing - I agree - they respect each other and have a healthy relationship that doesn't require them to constantly be together - good thing cause their careers take them lots of places.
    I wish them the best in keeping it strong as the years go on and their lives change and grow.

  4. Great Job Sparky!! This is awesome! Luv it hun! This is the best post you've done yet!

  5. d'aww my heart swells. I loved this post. Its easy to see they are in love. People that haven't figured this out have blinders on. Or need to be commited, lol! Great post hun!

  6. TwiRK_World: Aw, I'm glad you liked it!! Yes it is extremely easy, and that's simply what I am trying to point out. People choose not to use their common sense because of their ignorance, or they are blinded because of their impure spirit.

    Ruby: Thanks! It seriously was pretty unplanned, I just winged it. Lol. I'm glad it came out good. :)

  7. thankyou for reminding us twifans of the beautiful relationship rob and kristen have....we couldn't be more proud of them.

  8. wow Rosie.....brilliant it ;))

  9. @RObsten Dreams. Great blog! Is the Daily Record interview with Rob legit? Foaming haters will probably be all over the part where he allegedly adopted a puppy to ease his loneliness of living in hotels. I bet breakup rumors are rampant. Please, some reassurance!

  10. I also wondered about the Daily Record interview. It just doesn't sound right and I wonder that Rob would adopt a dog (animal lover that he is) when he's moving around so much. It will only get worse when it comes time to promote Water for Elephants. I twould'nt be the first bogus interview that's been made up.

  11. I'm waiting for Gossip Cop to debunk that Daily Record "interview". It screams ulterior motives to disprove Robsten. On a different topic, I wish Kristen would attend the WFE premier. Most Hollywood couples can do that without being accused of trying to steal the limelight from the movie. To hell with the haters.


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