Lee MacDougall mentions Rob & Kristen in an Interview

Rob and Kristen Mentions at 4:06

Lee, once there was this old rumor that your song FILFTLT was written by or for your friend, Robert Pattinson. Meanwhile, we all know that it's your song. Does it make you mind that fans use the song to present Robert and Kristen?
LMD: No, I do not mind at all. This is what it is in the music. If you have a song on the radio, you hear him referring to you, to your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, are you establish a relationship. Through your experience, it becomes your song. The artist brings out a song and people connect their own experiences with it. This is really great and very cute! The two are a great couple and I think it's great that my song accompanied their relationship.
Do you think that Robert Pattinson is one of your concerts in the U.S. or Canada?
LMD: I do not know. I hope. Perhaps it comes from. I do not know what he will do. I think he's in Vancouver and I play in Vancouver. But I'll have to ask. Hopefully! Fingers crossed!

Have you read the Twilight books or seen the movies?
LMD: The books did not I read. I have the first Film seen. I really had to make time. I spent a year not seen the film and thought it's kind of rude to have not seen it yet. To be a good friend, I sat down and looked at him and he was good, really surprised me! His accent was really good. It was really unusual, so one tends not to. Kristen was also very good. She is a really great actress!

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
LMD: Jacob is the one with the six-pack, right? Team Edward!

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2 Responses to Lee MacDougall mentions Rob & Kristen in an Interview

  1. Poor Lee he wants to talk about his music and they want to ask him about Rob. I feel bad for him and this reporter should feel bad as well.

  2. Robsten are going to be mad.... i think.. they refuse to go "public" with their relationship. But we all know... but still i bet it pisses them off when people they are close to say ' yeah their a good couple' lol


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