Is that Rob's Bonnet the one Kristen has in her bag?

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7 Responses to Is that Rob's Bonnet the one Kristen has in her bag?

  1. awwwwwwww looks like it:)

  2. Could you please give us credit for this post?? Gossip Dance took it from my blog

    they had given us credit!!

  3. omg rob looks so pissed.why?i never saw this picture of him.

  4. That pic of Rob is from Christmas 2009. And he was pissed because there are papz following him and his sister lizzie around.

  5. @anoy3:44 omg kristen was there with rob woould have been so cool if kristen was pictured too.

  6. Yeah, I've seen her wear the same one before, but I'm not sure that's what it is in her bag. She's definitely worn his beanie though. <3

    @monica: I think he looks pissed because he's with his sister!! Lol. That blond next to him in that pic is Lizzy, it was taken when he was over there for Christmas 2009. It was the day before he was spotted in Isle of Wight w/ KStew.

    Idk, maybe Liz was pissing him off. Haha.


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