Is it Possible for Rob to Get an Oscar for Water for Elephants?

METROWNY: Early reports that are leaking out from the lucky few who have gotten sneak peaks of the still unfinished Water for Elephants are saying that it has the opportunity to become one of the best films of the year and that Robert Pattinson gives one heck of performance.

Is it possible that Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and the movie itself could be up for a few Academy Awards next year?

Let's not forget that the movie already has one Academy Award winner already on the cast. Christoph Waltz won Best Supporting Actor at last year's Awards for his role in Inglourious Basterds.

In a lot of serious acting circles, Robert Pattinson doesn't get the same respect that his Twilight fans give him. It's not hard to understand why. Fantasy films are not considered Oscar material, so until Pattinson proves that he can successfully play a character other than Edward Cullen he will never get serious consideration for any significant awards.

Water for Elephants is Pattinson's chance to prove the critics wrong. An outstanding performance in a serious film with a supporting cast that already features one Oscar winner may just give Pattinson the legitimacy he needs to solidify his position among the great actors of the day and perhaps even get him some hardware to take home.

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4 Responses to Is it Possible for Rob to Get an Oscar for Water for Elephants?

  1. I guess someone forgot that Water for Elephants has TWO Academy Award winners out of its three lead actors. Reese won the Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role (Best Actress) in 2006 for Walk the Line. Rob is in good company!

  2. Whoever wrote this bogus story needs to check their facts, Reese is an Oscar winner as well.

    Even if Rob's preformance is Oscar worthy, I highly doubt he'll get a nom just because the academy looks down on hearthrobs...Leo anyone? Leo Dicaprio deserved a nom many times but didn't get one because of those stiffs.

  3. I do love that Rob is picking projects that have such high caliber actors, directors, and such. I have such high hopes for WFE! I think Rob will really really shine in it and I am SO rooting for him. Prove those damn nay-sayers and critics wrong! April 22nd can't come soon enough for me! :)

  4. Hey ladies, i do realize the source forgot to mention Reese is also an academy award winner!! Their fault sorry!!

    @rebecca090452 i do believe rob is in good company in this movie, not only working with academy winners but also working with great directors! I believe Rob has a great career ahead of him:)

    @anonymous even tho what you say might be true, there's nothing wrong with hoping and believing Rob will someday be awarded the coveted price, even if he doesn't get nominated for wfe, there's always other projects that he can do:) Lets cheers to that:)

    Hi @Calihi27 Thank you for your lovely comment!!! Your enthusiasm makes me smile like a kid at a candy store! I do believe Rob will shine in WFE!! The movie already looks great and yep April 22th please get here today!! I'm very excited because Rob seems so freaking adorably excited for this project as well that it just makes me smile with pride for him!!:) *sigh* Thank you ladies for the comments and for visiting our blog <3 we love you all! ~alma


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