Happy Birthday to my Lovely Mel aka @melarimo

Happy Birthday to you our lovely Mel!! Thank you for being a great friend and a perfect partner in crime!!! The ladies here at Robsten Dreams love you and your Team Twiperv girl adore you!! We hope you enjoy your day!! Rob and Robstendreams is all yours for today:) *Note* Just for today (lol) because you deserve him!!! Enjoy!!!

A huge shout out to my lovely ladies HoneyBuzy and Patti13Mai for making these amazing videos!!! You girls are AMAZING!!! Thank you!! Make sure to check out the rest of their videos!!

Happy Birthday to you Mel!! You were truly born on the most special day of the year! I hope you find the love that Fulfills you everyday Like Rob and Kristen have. Much Love, Ruby

This is the second chance I got to wish you happy birthday.. and I hope I got to do it many years from now you are very special, many ppl have been all over your bday and making special things for you and I hope you know that is rare & wonderful so I hope you have a ROBlicius BDAY full of Blue and Necks :P and love!!! love u @Laury4Rob

To My Sweet Mel: Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest & Love you bunches babe!!! From Missy (DreamsOfEdward)

Mel, happy bday full of Rob goodness we all know you deserve it! ~Mrs_R_Pattz 

Happy bday  Mel and a Happy Valentine's Day xxoo Eve

Wish our bday girl a happy birthday too!! Shes all sorts of cool!!!:)

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11 Responses to Happy Birthday to my Lovely Mel aka @melarimo

  1. aww this is sweet! Happy birthday mel this girls really love you it seems.

  2. ohhh happy birthday from france

  3. aww this is sweet:)

  4. Happy Birthday Mel:) Hope you enjoy your special day Xx

  5. @Honeybuzy you are so sweet love!! mwah!!

  6. Wow. I am so blown away, there aren't even words. You've all made me cry. Yes, the Queen of perv and epic smartass has turned into a mushy sap. I love you guys, thank you for sticking by me through my emo disappearing acts. You can't imagine how touched I am. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day full of love and sweetness! (or whatever you're into ;) and to Alma... YOU... you know I love you. Expect a very long email, I won't go there here, but thank you so much. You can't know what you've done. xoxoxoxox I will be wiping tears all day. Love, Mel <3 , Happiest NECKgirl on earth :P

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so glad you like it bb:) happy bday!!! Love you so much!!:)

  8. Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays! xo Missi (Twiluver4evaa)

  9. Happy Birthday sweet Mel!! I know Alma thinks the world of you then there is something special!! I hope you have a fab birthday and a wonderful Valentine's Day!! Much Love, Ruby

  10. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!


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