A Fan Encounter in Baton Rouge On Set!

The lucky TwiExaminer was contacted by a very lucky fan! You can read her article below....

A reader of this site named Mary G. was not only lucky enough to run into a castmember from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn last weekend, but she also snapped a few photos of the Baton Rouge set.
Her fan encounter was with Nikki Reed ("Rosalie Hale"), and here's what she had to say about it:
"Nikki Reed was leaving [a restauarant] with some friends.  I nicely asked if I could get a pic.  She was very nice and just as beautiful in person as she is on camera.  I was literally shaking for about 30 minutes after meeting her and smiling like crazy for the rest of the day.  It was so surreal."
As for her trip to peek at the set, here's her account:
They are filming on set 4.  There were lots of trucks and trailers everywhere.  The crew set up a white tent outside for Rob.  I'm guessing to shield from the cold cause it was freezing out there.  Rob walked into the tent.  I didn't get a pic of him walking to the tent because I was too busy screaming and saying to my kids "that was Rob" repeatedly while they looked at me like I was crazy, lol.  The very blurry pic of the person in the tent in black is Rob. The pic where his body is standing outside of the tent in a black coat and jeans, you can totally see Rob's feet, lol.  After a while we were spotted by Rob's bodyguard.  Once spotted, Peter F. came running out of the tent (in blond wig)  ( my son and I said at the same time "that's Carlisle" ) running out of view... followed by Rob.  Rob looked like he was skipping rather than running, lol.   A crew member then came to my vehicle and asked if we needed something.  I told him we were visiting, but were now leaving, lol.     We also saw Elizabeth R., Nikki R. (in blond wig), Ashley G. and lots of crew members.
You can go here to view the pics that Mary G. took while on set. A few blurry ones of Rob!! Where the Hell is Kristen? We miss you!! 

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