Updated Now 4 Amazing Water for Elephants Poster!!

HQ of first Poster(Click for BIG image)
wfe poster

and a little fun why dont we?? Which is your fave 'WFE' Poster???

wfe posterwfe 2nd posterWFE

I know tough call right??? Let me know in the comment section why you picked your choice!!!


Alright here is another one!! I am sorry the quality is bad but as soon as we can find it in HD we will post!!

New Poster thanks to H2OforElephants
HQ/LQ first thanks to Pattinsonlife/RPLife

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8 Responses to Updated Now 4 Amazing Water for Elephants Poster!!

  1. Ruby,

    Is that an official poster or fan made? Either way, that is a good poster.

  2. Fuck me right now! That this is hot, i mean Rob is HOT!!! damn i want him- sincerely Robsessed bitch

  3. Hey love, so far its an official poster!! I know right? They know what they have with Rob!! (sigh)

  4. Dear Robsessed Bi*** lol you are so funny but completely understand you!!!

  5. the 3rd one why do you ask?? YOu know thats the hottest one

  6. Is there even a choice? The one with Rob as the main focus! He's the hottest guy on the planet.

  7. i agree with you Crystal he looks so yummy there

  8. Yes the third one for sure!! Although i really like the second one too:)


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