All The Things I Miss....Smirky Stew

It feels like its been so long since we've seen some great pics of Kristen really. No Emmys, No BAFTAs, and No Oscar Stew!! I am crying inside!! When? When will we see her again? Maybe Rob's Premiere in New York for WFE in April.  Still eight weeks away!! I don't know it probably really depends on any real lingering things for Breaking Dawn!  No real press stuff going on and she really has been ninja style since filming Breaking Dawn in BR, and besides the photos we saw in LAX this past weekend we haven't seen much!  The photos of LAX she was not happy and poor thing broke her thumb. So I kind of spent some of my time gathering some great pics of Kristen this past weekend. You know what guys, when I searched pics there were like 24,000 of them!! Can you believe that? Yes, I said 24,000!! That truly is phenomenal!! It took me a while to go through some of them but here are some that I absolutely love and gets me excited that we will see her soon.  I will be writing some of these posts in the coming weeks, some of Rob and of Kristen and some of course of them together. Stay tuned and I hope you love them!! These posts are getting me excited for Water for Elephants, and of course Breaking Dawn! I want to see them!! Whether they are together or a part at this point. I hope this gives you a little Smile to see Smirkey Stew!!

Oh How I love Oscar Stew!! I love this Smirk!! I can only guess what she is thinking.

Oh I see you again smirking!! BTW you have a piece of hair in your face Kristen, but we love the smirk!!

Here is Smirky Stunning Stew!! She looks absolutely beautiful and fabulous! One of my favorite pics of her!! 

Oh I see you!! Ive never seen this so I thought it was a cute smirk!! She is actually saying I see you snapping a pic of me!

Smirky Stew has been around a while, I just love this one!!
No I am not done yet!! I have a few more to share!

No wonder we love her, I mean look at those tennis shoes!! I love them!!Oh Yes and the smirk of course!


Okay so you are probably wondering why I picked this photo, because it is her natural smirk and I love it! 

I hope you all loved my Smirky Stew post of the day!! It gives us hope that in the coming weeks we will see that face of hers again very soon!! 
Love, Ruby

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One Response to All The Things I Miss....Smirky Stew

  1. awww,I miss her smile too...
    she's really natural n adorable :)
    I love all of pic
    yay! go Robsten :D


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