Why Do Movies Like Breaking Dawn Film in Vancouver?

Have you ever wondered what draws producers and their movies to Vancouver for filming? The Vancouver Sun has an interesting article that looks at the large amount of movies and television shows that are set to filmBreaking Dawn of course being one of them. It seems like tax breaks are not the only thing drawing producers to film in Canada. Read more below: in the area in 2011, 
“I think we’ve now established a reputation as a go-to place,” said Leitch. “We’ve got such great infrastructure, such great crews and cast, and [being in] the same time zone [as Hollywood] is a huge benefit to us. We’re really a proven product at this point in time.”
Leitch is president of North Shore Studios in North Vancouver and Mammoth Studios in Burnaby, which have grown alongside the industry.
“We’ve got eight sound stages and about 240,000 square feet of space in North Vancouver, and two of the largest stages in North America out at Mammoth Studios: 123,000 sq. ft on one stage and 96,000 on another stage,” he said.
“Plus we have a construction mill that’s 36,000 sq. ft, plus 48,000 sq. ft of office space there.”
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